Nia Ita

Nia Ita is a NYC based writer. She can be found scribbling poetry, educating students, or debating love and culture with her friends

So You Watched ‘When They See Us’ — Here Are 8 Things You Can Do Now To Take Action

In this op-ed, Nia Ita, an educator-activist and writer, explains what it felt like watching When They See Us, the Netflix miniseries about the Central Park Five case, and what you can do next if you're ready to take action. The Sunday after When They See Us premiered, my husband clicked through our TV apps, and the sound of Netflix opening filled the room. I didn’t want to watch it. A mix of discomfort and anger swirled inside me before the opening credits appeared on the screen. Without thin

#Dear20 - Nia Ita - The Body Remembers

You are trying to live your life as though you did not survive a childhood trauma that was meant to destroy you. At some point this year you will ask yourself, Why do I like to hurt so much? The answer is simple, although you cannot yet see it. It’s because you think you deserve it. I reread all your journal entries today. I noticed something in the blank spaces between the lines. On the days where you face the sun and feel its warmth, you know what you ought to do. You know what love is not.

For Ibi, Ntozake and Every Colored Girl Who Has Ever Changed Her Name

My father loves to tell the story of how I got my name. Convinced I was going to be a boy because of how low I sat in my mother’s belly and inspired by his favorite biblical figure, my father prepared with the name Jonathan. Jonathan. Meaning, God is given. It was a strong, masculine, meaningful name. Thirty plus years and two daughters later, he still hopes that one of us will give him a Jonathan.

The Complex Relationship Between Latina Immigrant Mothers And Their Daughters

Our immigrant Latin American mothers have endured so much, from the economic, political and/or violent strife that forced them to flee their homelands to the racial, xenophobic and cultural discrimination and abuse they face in the U.S. This painful reality often makes it difficult for us, their daughters, to speak up when they hurt us. We don’t want to add to their suffering — and we shouldn’t — but if we want to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma, we must accept and confront that many

Unpacking my Shame Backpack

Shame is the universal companion of women, nipping at our heels, feeding on our deepest fear that who we are is not enough. Shame is beyond annoying. It is debilitating. In order to unpack the shame that is immobilizing us from living our best life and from accessing our true power, we must analyze it like a glass slide under a microscope. I have always been acutely aware that there was a dry rot somewhere inside of me. I knew it because when anxiety and depression would come knocking at my door...

Call It What It Is: The Las Vegas Shooting Was Without A Doubt, A Terrorist Attack - Blavity

I woke up before the sun Monday morning with a resounding ache in my throat and chest from coughing all night. The ache spread to my heart as I turned to my phone and was confronted with multiple notifications about the atrocities that took place on the Las Vegas strip around 10pm on Sunday night. Approximately sixty dead and over five hundred injured because gunman Stephen Craig Paddock went on a mass shooting spree from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

10 Things That Are Perfectly Reasonable To Steal During A Break Up

Cue the breakup music – It starts out sad and mopey as you listen to Carl Thomas’s “Emotional” and Bryan McKnight’s “Anytime” and Drake … lots of Drake. Then it begins to get a little more “I’m better off” with Chris Brown’s “Deuces.” And eventually, you find yourself slightly bitter, looking for revenge. At this point all bets are off, and you start rationalizing things that you wouldn’t under normal circumstances. This is not you speaking, it’s the breakup. Breakups are devastating. The heart

I Fell In Love With The Wrong Person

Twigs snapping and leaves crumbling underneath our footsteps in the black night The end of a season - Fall enamored us. I believe, now, that it was the night I fell in love with. I thought it was your warm breath causing my stomach to flutter But it was really the brisk Fall air against your warm breath Which created a whirlwind tornado that I breathed in Were really my insides being torn apart. And when my knees went weak after you kissed me that was my body warning me, "Run, Leave. Don

The Paradox Of Empathy: 5 Times My Compassion Did More Harm Than Good

After hearing how someone I know is struggling or going through a really stressful time, I often feel a knot form in my stomach. My heartbeat quickens and pounds within my chest, to the point where I feel like I’m suffocating. I’m overwhelmed by feelings of despair and powerlessness. This is all caused by the very character trait I’m told is endearing: empathy. There is no doubt if you asked my closest friends, “empathetic” would be one of the first adjectives used to describe me. It’s an in