Nia Ita

Nia Ita is a NYC based writer. She can be found scribbling poetry, educating students, or debating love and culture with her friends

10 Things That Are Perfectly Reasonable To Steal During A Break Up

Cue the breakup music – It starts out sad and mopey as you listen to Carl Thomas’s “Emotional” and Bryan McKnight’s “Anytime” and Drake … lots of Drake. Then it begins to get a little more “I’m better off” with Chris Brown’s “Deuces.” And eventually, you find yourself slightly bitter, looking for revenge. At this point all bets are off, and you start rationalizing things that you wouldn’t under normal circumstances. This is not you speaking, it’s the breakup. Breakups are devastating. The heart

I Fell In Love With The Wrong Person

Twigs snapping and leaves crumbling underneath our footsteps in the black night The end of a season - Fall enamored us. I believe, now, that it was the night I fell in love with. I thought it was your warm breath causing my stomach to flutter But it was really the brisk Fall air against your warm breath Which created a whirlwind tornado that I breathed in Were really my insides being torn apart. And when my knees went weak after you kissed me that was my body warning me, "Run, Leave. Don

The Paradox Of Empathy: 5 Times My Compassion Did More Harm Than Good

After hearing how someone I know is struggling or going through a really stressful time, I often feel a knot form in my stomach. My heartbeat quickens and pounds within my chest, to the point where I feel like I’m suffocating. I’m overwhelmed by feelings of despair and powerlessness. This is all caused by the very character trait I’m told is endearing: empathy. There is no doubt if you asked my closest friends, “empathetic” would be one of the first adjectives used to describe me. It’s an in

Backhanded compliments every woman of color has heard

Compliments are supposed to be praises about some of your best attributes. Who doesn’t like being complimented? Unless, of course, the other side of the compliment is a glaring insult. There are many different kinds of reprehensible perspectives (i.e. ageism, sexism) but today we will focus on backhanded comments that are loaded with racism. In the words of Kanye West , “Racism’s still alive, they just be concealing it.” The saddest part about these kinds of backhanded compliments that are subm

Why It's Okay To Marry Someone You Don't Know Completely

The first two or three months of marriage, I used to get furious at my mother for making a specific comment. She would always find an opportunity to tell me that I didn’t really know my husband yet. Automatically, my reaction was defensive, “I know who I married Mom. Just because you don’t know him yet, doesn’t mean I don’t.” She would smile, shaking her heard slightly and respond, “Nia, you have no idea who you’ve married.” Often, she’d chuckle under her breath. Her smile and her glance made m